Shelley Miller

Shelley Miller

Shelley Miller creates exquisite, intricate artworks out of sugar. In 2009, her mural installation,Cargo, won the People’s Choice award at Montreal’s Mois de la Photo (Montreal’s biennale for contemporary photography). A collaboration between the artist and the Darling Foundry (a factory turned art center), the mural captured the public’s imagination. Referencing the azulejoceramic tile tradition of Spanish and Portuguese cultures (and their colonies), Miller painted a scene of ships in a harbor using edible blue paint on white sugar tiles, then affixing the tiles to the wall with icing (the process for which she shared on her project blog). The beauty and power of the precise work, beyond its historical references to colonialism, was seeing it evolve over time. The audience witnessed the colors fade and run, the tiles crack and disintegrate. Throughout Miller’s installations, time, both past and present, takes center stage.



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